Frequently Asked Questions

What is Contracoin?

Contracoin is Global Real Estate blockchain powered platform which allows real estate agents, brokers and property developers to gain exposure to international real estate investors all over the world. Contracoin also opens the world to crypto property investors by giving them access to properties internationally and allowing them to pay for these properties using the Contracoin token.

How does Contracoin differ from Other Currencies?

Contracoin’s difference is that the target markets that we are focusing on is quality residential and commercial properties in developing countries with an emerging real estate industry displaying high returns and high potential capital growth. Also, unlike a large percentage of other cryptocurrencies that can’t be used to purchase anything, Contracoin tokens can be used to buy a product, which is real estate, a secure asset with income and capital gains potential.

What Problems Does Contracoin Solve?

Despite the potential profits of real estate market, buyers find numerous problems and limitations regarding the International Real Estate market. Contracoin, to maximize benefits and minimize costs investors may incur when purchasing properties overseas, aims to solve problems such as:

  • All Round Transactional Costs
  • Integrity and Security
  • Transparency of Transaction
  • Time and Costs Savings
  • Restrictions placed on Foreign Investors
  • Simplify and speed up the transfer of monies globally

What is Contracoin’s Ultimate Goal?

Contracoin aims to make property investment easily available to the masses by eliminating the traditional barriers which have been mentioned above through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Contracoin also aims to have properties listed from countries throughout the world through integrating with existing international real estate portals.

What is the maximum supply of Contracoin Tokens?

Maximum total supply is 100,000,000 Contracoin Tokens.

What Experience do we Have

The founders of Contracoin through their associated company, Contracard have over 27 years experience in the International Real Estate industry and also in Business to Business trading globally. The Contracoin team, which has been selected from a group of world class advisors, specializing in a wide variety of fields including real estate, blockchain, finance, legal, marketing and IT development. The core development team members have years of experience in building scalable projects for large corporations worldwide.

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